Public & Influencer Relations Strategy

PR, influencer and analyst relations are critical aspects of any good demand creation strategy. It’s also a critical part of building a brand and managing reputation. Let me design and execute a custom communications plan for your business – one that leverages social media and the latest digital strategies and aligns with your business requirements.

Messaging, Crisis & Issues Management

Most companies wait until a crisis has already started before bringing in a Crisis PR expert.  It’s better to have an established plan and team in place before the unexpected catches the management team off-guard.  It’s common to combine crisis planning with building or updating your company’s core messaging. It’s also common for businesses to have sensitive, industry specific issues that require customized PR strategic planning and counsel. Hire me and I’ll roll up my sleeves and dig in to create a plan that’s right for you.

Brand Consulting

In the evolution of most companies, there comes a time when the original brand is simply no longer relevant, too narrow in scope, or needs to evolve with the business (e.g. acquisitions, regulatory environment, change of ownership).

When the executive leadership team decides a rebrand is in order, it’s time to call in a third-party expert with no emotional attachment at stake. Rebranding involves reengaging your core values and mission, interviewing strategic clients and subject matter experts to get a clear sense of existing and new values. The process works for an entire company or a specific product, service or family of products, as well.  It works with in-house creative or external creative partners.

Content Marketing & Demand Creation

At the end of the day, marketing is all about converting awareness into interest and demand for your offering. I provide campaign strategy, creative writing, and even production services for digital demand generation. Think emails, e-newsletters, blog posts, repurposing press announcements, customer interviews for case studies (print, video, or podcast formats), all designed to stimulate and pique interest in the value you bring to market.

Executive Communications & Employee Engagement

Brand building starts with employees. In many cases, the employee audience is more important than the external one, especially in times of organizational change.  I have two decades of experience with corporate and executive communications strategy, planning, and execution, from emails and Intranet content to PowerPoint, ghost writing on behalf of executives, and even facilitating Town Halls (live, video, or both).

Let’s explore your business’ needs.